About Colin



ColinLINK's president and founder, Colin C. Woods obtained his first computer at the age of seven. By the age of nine, he was already writing his own BASIC games and programs, complete with subroutines and hardware function calls. At age twelve, he logged into a UNIX® System III server (an Altos 68000 with a 9600 baud UUCP feed) for the first time, giving him access to the world of the Internet on his slow but stable 300 baud modem connection. 


From there he learned the fundamental basics of both the Berkeley and AT&T UNIX® operating platforms. Soon, he began to compile his own sendmail daemons and proceeded to venture into the 'X Window' graphical environment. After a few years, he moved into the PC platform with a 286, then three years later to a 486. He began to run several PC-based Bulletin Board Systems or BBS's over the next five years, upon which he ultimately 're-entered' the Internet world. 


Colin earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology specializing in Computer Systems in addition to six advanced Microsoft and CompTIA professional certifications.  Additionally, with over twenty years of experience in the computer industry, ColinLINK Computer Consulting serves to provide you with highest quality technical support and troubleshooting solutions available, including professional networking, data / file recovery, and custom troubleshooting solutions for every individual and business need.